Where no one who cares about language is willing to go



I'm going to have to stop watching Star Trek reruns.

Not because I'm tired of hearing Jean Luc Picard say "engage," but because the former science fiction cable channel has driven my inner editor to distraction.

First it renamed itself, a clear violation of the "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" rule. What was wrong with being the Sci Fi channel? It was short, punchy, easy to understand—in fact, a good brand.

So now it's become Syfy. Apparently, a non-word is better for branding, as it can distinguish itself from competitors.

I suppose you could call yourself "doofus" and it would distinguish you from your competitors, but why would you want to?

The other reason for the renaming was to minimize the association of science fiction with nerdy guys. As a non-nerdy guy myself, I just don't see it.

Despite being peeved, I sort of ignored the Syfy name until its new slogan began popping up on the screen. That would be "Imagine Greater."

Greater what? "Greater" is an adjective; it is lonely without a noun.

And what does it mean, anyway? Does this mean "imagine greatness?" "Imagine greater programs?" Personally, I lean toward "imagine that we know what we are doing."

Why has mangling the language replaced creativity and imagination?

Even Lt. Commander Data can't answer that one.

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