The Publishing Blues

A reader of my mystery reviews wrote to me the other day, seeking my help in getting his work published.

He described what he had produced—an autobiography, a couple of novels, some short stories and some children's stories—as well as his lack of success in getting anybody in the publishing industry to pay attention.

To write that much takes a lot of time and effort, and to do it without any encouragement from publishers requires very strong dedication indeed, more than most of us could muster."I, like most budding authors have gone through the usual steps to try to interest Literary Agents to represent me," he told me.

Regrettably, I was unable to be of any assistance. I have no list of literary agents beyond what is available to any writer who takes the time to acquire one. I could offer only the usual advice: join a writer’s organization, go to conferences where you have the chance to pitch a story to an agent or publisher, network with others in the same situation.

It’s a formula that works, at least for some people.

There’s also a newer version of the usual advice, which involves self-publishing and marketing, lots of marketing.

That's a formula that works for some people too.

But marketing chops and writing ability are not always present in the same body, more’s the pity.

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